How to find best baby stroller for you & children

For new mommy and daddy, the baby brings a brand new and unfamiliar world to explore. It’s a little tough for parents to quickly know what baby needs and which is safe and best-suited. It’s better to ask mothers and fathers around or do some searches on google. Anyway, it’s a time-consuming process. Below you’ll quickly find what most popular baby stroller brands are now on the market. Following the trend is always not a bad choice. A stroller usually accompanies you and your baby about four or five years. It’s necessary to choose a safe, durable and easy to use stroller, comfortable for both you and baby of course. Here is a simple guide to help you find your way in stroller jungle. If you’re looking for an exact stroller model and want know it’s good or bad, search the stroller model name and read the review.

Most popular baby stroller brands

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Britaxusa BOB Baby Jogger
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Mamas & Papas

Where to start?

It’s always not going wrong to start with reliable brands when it comes to buying anything. Baby Jogger is the first company that released three wheels jogging stroller. Most models are standard strollers and two joggers. BJ strollers have the “really quick fold” technology owners of other brands envy. It works as advertised and one parent folds it with one hand by two steps. The vehicle is also easy to use and steer, definitely an ideal choice for urban life. Britax is a multinational manufacturer of child safety products with over 70-year experience in car seat and stroller market. It has only three models, B-Agile, B-Ready, and Affinity. What Britax strollers impress us is patented Click & Go adapter system. No big adapter frame required, one mommy can install or remove car seat, bassinet, etc. in seconds. That technology makes Britax strollers convenient for daily use. BOB Gear is a professional jogger manufacturer and it’s the first brand going to most parents mind when referring to jogging strollers. Jogging strollers made by BOB have been tested by hundreds of thousands of customers. Their vehicles never disappoint drivers no matter what terrains ahead and always give smooth and comfortable ride to little passenger. BOB is a must have for active mommy and daddy. When active parents talk about BOB jogging stroller, best of best is what they mentioned always.


Some models use an adjustable handlebar but some are fixed. If you and your husband have a little difference in height, avoid fixed handlebar. You may do quite well with the handlebar height but your tall husband may feel uncomfortable. Adjustable handlebar allows mommy and daddy to adjust appropriate position suitable for their height. Some handlebars swing to adjust and some telescope. A few owners reported that telescoping handlebar is a little easier to steer.

Parking brake

Manufacturers usually mount parking brake on handlebar or on rear axle. Of course, hand operated brake lets you keep stroller under control within reach. It’s much more convenient. Especially when you have down hills, a hand brake enables you to hold the stroller effortlessly. Foot brake is safe and convenient too and many high end models use it. In a word, it would be great if the stroller is equipped with hand brake and it’s ok if it’s not.

Canopy & peekaboo window

Almost all strollers come with a large multi-position sunshade. It doesn’t shade children from events but also give a good view to them to enjoy ride. Most canopies have peekaboo windows on top made by plastic or fabric mesh. Some models have only one window and others have more. As for peekaboo windows, the more the better. More windows enable you to see your child all the time with canopy at different positions. Another thing you need to be aware is window closure. Velcro closure is noisy when using while magnetic is quiet. If you have a light sleeper baby, get magnetic closure.

Swivel wheels don’t matter?

Try to get strollers with lockable wheels. You can lock or unlock front wheels according to your needs. Unlocked wheels are good for strolling in stores or malls, which make it turn on a dime in tight space. Lots of owners mentioned in their reviews that they kept wheels unlocked more than locked. How will you use the stroller? If you use it for walking and shopping a lot, then swivelling front wheel is the best choice. If you’re looking for a stroller for jogging or running, swivelling wheels don’t matter because no one wants to push such a bulky vehicle into malls or stores.

Easy to fold

You need to get a real one or go to local stores to test if it is easy to fold. Some strollers aren’t as easy to fold as advertised. Baby Jogger’s patented Quick Fold feature is one of a few easiest fold technologies. It works really better and the stroller can be folded with one hand in seconds. If you usually attend to your baby alone, it’s a great feature saving your time and reducing unnecessary hassles. Let you focus on your child.

Reversible seat

All strollers top seats can be reclined to multiple positions but only a few seats are reversible. Reversible seat can be set forward-facing or rear-facing. That’s a very convenient feature for mommy and baby.


Almost all strollers are compatible with infant car seat and pram. Some specific models are versatile with several configurations. With conversion kits, the stroller converts to a travel system, double stroller, etc. It’s kind of all in one model and growing up with your family. A stroller attached with glider board can serve up to three children. Of course, all conversion kits are sold separately.


As a standard stroller, the lighter the better. Lightweight stroller has lots of advantages for everyday use in urban areas. It’s easy to control and steer. You can easily fold the stroller with one hand even if there is a baby in the other hand. It’s an easy job to carry it for some distances. If you’re not strong, choose models under 18 lbs. Generally, jogging strollers weigh much more than standard strollers.

Fits into your trunk

This is very important! Measure big mouth of your car at first and feed what it can eat. It happens a lot that people buy one stroller but find it can’t fit into the trunk. Especially when you have one of smallest cars, you have to reconsider that.


Type of tires determine how comfortable little passenger is feeling and how smooth the ride is. Three primary types of tires are found on most strollers, plastic, foam filled rubber and air filled rubber. Air filled rubber tires perform better on tough terrains and absorb shock from uneven surfaces. Foam filled rubber tires, also named non-flat tires, don’t need the pump to blow up tires and it’s hassle free, no maintenance required. Plastic tires are equipped on regular strollers for urban surfaces like pavements. They can’t soften each bump as other two types but good enough to handle even surfaces in city. Jogging strollers are often equipped with biggest air filled tires to give drivers and passengers a smooth trip.

Top rated baby strollers

Here is a list of 5 top rated strollers. Top rated also means high consumer satisfaction, top quality, affordable price, etc. These top 5 strollers were reviewed and rated by customers.

Mamas & Papas Armadillo

Mamas & Papas Armadillo Stroller

When Mamas & Papas released their lightweight stroller Armadillo, Britax B-Agile and City Mini knew their real competition was coming. Mamas & Papas Armadillo has a wider back seat and extra rest length but takes up less space. It impressed us with extra large canopy and ease of folding & unfolding. The storage is very convenient and accessible to all ...
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revolution flex orange

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex is a derivative model on the basis of Revolution SE. The only difference from SE is the adjustable handlebar. Maybe "Flex" in the name means only handlebar flexibility. BOB strollers are made for jogging and Flex is no exception. Of course you can also load your baby into stroller to walk in stores and some owners did ...
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city mini gt in black

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller Review

Do you usually take care of your baby and push him or her anywhere alone? If the answer is yes, you need a lightweight, easy to fold and compact stroller like Baby Jogger City Mini GT. An easy-to-use stroller can save parents much time. GT is an upgrade model of regular City Mini and adds several useful features for daily ...
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orange bob revolution se

BOB Revolution SE Stroller Review

Active parents will love this BOB stroller more! It's designed for multi-surface and the big wheels tell you it has no problem conquering all surfaces. It's an all-terrain vehicle like an SUV and goes park paths, grass, cement, and asphalt without any effort. Moms don't really need any other strollers than this one and push babies everywhere, zoo, mall, park, ...
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Britax B-Ready Review

Many moms and dads want to buy a US made stroller for little princess or prince. But the fact is more and more manufacturers even well-known brands let oversea factories manufacture strollers. You find many brands import their products from China or somewhere else. There're still a few maintaining producing line in US and Britax is one of them. B-Ready ...
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